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songdirector logo: Helps a DJ Disc Jockey organize their playlist and record collection

Screen shots
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Easy to use Free Music Player Organizer Catalog your iTunes, MP3 songs, audio files & playlist.

Main Grid, play and search screen:

Main Grid screen shot for Song Director - music organizer & player for MP3, iTunes Great for music collectors, DJ, Disc Jockey,
Main Grid screen shows ease of use

Song Edit Screen:

Edit Screen for Free Song Director Music Player Music Organizer Database Software
Edit Screen

Filter screen:

Search Filter Screen shot - Song Director Free music organizer, music player database DJ music software. Catalog your iTunes, MP3, WMP songs and playlist
Filter screen

Music player screen:

Song Director Play one song - catalogue music inventory database software for DJ

Listening to multiple songs screen:

song director playing playlist: If you are a Music Collector or DJ looking for easy to use free music, Disc Jockey software, Song Director is great for a DJ wanting to use Windows for customized play lists and song searches.
Playing the Playlist

Music Player Options:

Song Director Music Player options - cataloging DJ music collector MP3 manager software
Music player options


Playlist Screen - Song Director will build and export playlists, and quickly locate and play any song or audio file you want in your digital music collection
Playlist Screen

Assigning Categories:

Song Director Assign category to music management database DJ Disc Jockey music collector cataloging software
Assign Categories

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