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Song Director Plays all your iTunes, WMP music on your PC and Organizes your songs

About Song Director – Music organizer database software & Music Player

Song Director music organizer/player automatically catalogs and plays your music files. Finds all MP3, M4a/AAC iTunes, WMA, WAV, OGG and FLAC audio files on your PC.   

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Easier to Use than iTunes and Windows Media Player

Song Director is a software program that plays and keeps track of all your music files.  Developed and created by Computer Physicians, LLC  – a small IT computer repair company in Longmont, CO, USA. Song Director is MUCH easier to use and understand than iTunes or Windows Media Player. It unleashes the full power of a modern database system in an extremely simple, easy to use manner.

Song Director’s simple interface is much easier to use than other programs of this type. After a lot of testing with various user groups, the developer found that the current interface was the most intuitive, quickest to learn and easiest to use. Song Director is not a piece of visual art to admire; is not about fashion or latest styles.  It’s a serious database tool to take total control of your music in ways you never could before in an easy to use intuitive way. In fact, after Microsoft went to fancier windows styles starting with Window Vista’s “Aero” look, they are now back to a much more basic (and clearer) window style in Windows 10, similar to the Song Director style. Simple and basic is the newest window style!

Automatically enters your information into a database

Song Director automatically scans your computer looking for music/audio files (MP3, M4a/AAC, itunes, WMA, WAV, OGG and FLAC files) and builds a searchable database of all your music. Once this database is built, you can quickly and easily play songs, build playlists, sort by artist, song title, genre, year, etc., and easily view all your music.

Easily find song, artist or other criteria

Find any song or artist in the database by simply typing the first few characters of the song or artist name. As you type, Song Director immediately zeroes in on the record you want.

Song Director lets you specify any criteria to further limit the records displayed or printed. You can then play, view, edit, or export just the songs you selected. You can search for any string of characters in all your song records.

Create Categories for your music

You can easily select one or multiple records to display or play.  You only have to deal with the songs you want, not your entire collection. A unique feature allows you to organize songs into any Category you wish, then view these Categories separately or combined.

Song Director - Main Grid screen: If you are a Music Collector or DJ looking for easy to use free music, Disc Jockey software, Song Director is great for a DJ wanting to use Windows for customized play lists and song searches. A Disc Jockey can sort on 23 fields including beats per minute, bit rate, etc. And can have endless customized searches to find the perfect song.
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Sort on over 23 different fields

Song Director lets you sort on any field. You can edit a record in a spreadsheet-like grid or on a separate edit screen. Some fields have user customizable screen labels.  Song Director uses a Microsoft Access database, so your song data is accessible using many other products such as Word, Excel, and Access.

Quickly locate what you are looking for

Locating a song or artist could not be easier. Simply type the first few characters of a song or artist name. More advanced search methods can also be used. Easily select songs and build playlists. Quickly limit the records displayed using any criteria.

Press one button to do what you want

Listening to a song by a certain artist and want to see all music on your computer by that artist? Easy; press one button! Want to see all songs in a certain music genre? Easy! Want to see all songs on an album? Press another button. Once viewing a filtered list of songs, you can build a playlist of those songs with just one click, or export them to another player or storage device. Want to edit the files tags or record? Press one button. Want to see the lyrics, album art, cover versions and information about the song or band?  Press one button.

Copy songs easily to other devices

Rename, copy a file or move it to a different folder without having to search for it in File Explorer.

Play the songs the way you want

You can use the music player to customize the order and the way the songs are played.

DJ’s and music collectors love it

If you are looking for easy to use DJ software, Song Director is great for a DJ wanting to use Windows for customized play lists, song searches and music management.   A Disc Jockey can sort on over 23 fields including beats per minute, bit rate, etc.  and can have endless customized searches to find the perfect song in their digital music collection.

Compatible with  Microsoft Windows

Song Director is compatible with  Microsoft Windows,  including on Windows tablets using the windows operating systems.

Song Director will be adding new features with each new version

If after searching the Help Menu you still feel there is a feature that you would like Song Director to have, the author will take note of user comments and will decide which features would be best to add to a new version.   We take all comments seriously.

Free download

Song Director will find, catalog and organize all your music files, build and export playlists, and quickly locate and play any song or audio file you want. Full featured, no ads, no nagging and no restrictions other than stopping play at the end of each song, and a 30 day trial.  I’m hoping you’ll pay a little to remove this limitation, support my work, and receive good karma. The registered version will have no limitations.

Song Director is SAFE to download and install

Song Director is Safe to download and install.  It is Certified virus clean and has a safe Certificate from Softpedia also a safe site according to VirusTotal. It’s also a reputable site according to Web of Trust, and Norton Anti-Virus. Sometimes there is an issue with the The Windows “Smart Screen Filter” since it doesn’t know about our small company and this unknown .exe file. It assumes all unknown .exe files from small business are viruses, which is not true.  It is a small download of only 1.1 MB. Download safely here:

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