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Song Director is  a music player and music collection software.

Song Director   organizes MP3 and  most music formats for digital music. Below is a good paper explaining MP3 and AAC music formats which Song Director can help organize  for your music collection. You can download Song director for free here



The proliferation of MPEG coded audio material on the
Internet has shown an exponential growth  ”MP3” has
been featured in numerous articles in newspapers and periodicals
and on TV, mostly on the business pages because
of the potential impact on the recording industry.
While everybody is using MP3, not many (including
some of the software authors writing MP3 encoders,
decoders or associated tools) know the history and the details
of MPEG audio coding. This paper explains the basic
technology and some of the special features of MPEG-
1/2 Layer-3 (aka MP3). It also sheds some light on the
factors determining the quality of compressed audio and
what can be done wrong in MPEG encoding and decoding.
Why MPEG-1 Layer-3 ?

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Music catalogs & mp3 digital file formats – Song Director

Music file catalogs, formats and organization of which Song Director can be used.

Cataloging (or cataloguing) of all types of digital music files can be done easily with Song Director database software.   These music files can be in many different formats such as (MP3, M4a/AAC, iTunes, WMA, WAV, OGG and FLAC files) 

There is no better way to organize different music files than with Song Director Software.   And best of all it is free to download and use.  Song Director is also a music player and can create advanced playlists.

Below is a good article by Myongsu Park comparing music formats being used today:

Comparing  Music File Formats

A lot of people surf the Internet to find music. Many sites the Net surfers visit contain links to music or other listening material samples.
Unfortunately it is highly likely that the unwary surfers click a music file to find a very large music file downloading and the computer frozen due to the gigantic
music file size. There exist a variety of sound file formats among which an mp3 enjoys its high
popularity. MP3 files are ubiquitous on the Net and it is no exaggeration to say that the MP3 is now a household name in the world. People, however, enjoy an
mp3 music file without knowing what it is and its strengths and weaknesses in comparison other popular music file formats.
In this regard, I would like to provide background information and guidance about the most commonly used sound formats for music clips available on the Net and
to offer usability pointers for an improved Web audiophile experience.

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Music Collection Software Organizing and playing of mp3 digital songs – Song Director

Organizing a collection of digital music files – Song Director

Here is a good article on discussing the issues with organizing large amounts of digital music collections. This is what Song Director Software can help you with.


Sally Jo Cunningham , Matt Jones, Steve Jones
Department of Computer Science
University of Waikato
Hamilton, New Zealand
Current research on music information retrieval and music
digital libraries focuses on providing access to huge,
public music collections. In this paper we consider a
different, but related, problem: supporting an individual
in maintaining and using a personal music collection. We
analyze organization and access techniques used to manage
personal music collections (primarily CDs and MP3 files),
and from these behaviors, to suggest user behaviors that
should be supported in a personal music digital library
(that is, a digital library of an individual’s personal music

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Dictionary explanation of computer software and hardware terms – Song Director

Free Music Cataloging Database Software Dictionary of Computer terms – Song Director

Song Director Music player software

Below is a Dictionary explanation of Computer Software and hardware terms.
(from mcgraw hill)

Access. To call up information out of storage.

Random access. A technique that permits stored information to be directly retrieved, regardless of

its location on the storage medium.
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After you record your music Song Director can play, catalog and organize it for you

After you record your music Song Director can play, catalog and organize it for you.

Computer Recording Software Explained


Here is a good article about recording software I thought would be good to share

Original link from bedroom recording:

Computer recording software is perhaps the most difficult part of home recording. There are so many audio recording programs available. They all do the same thing, or do they? And how do they work – how to use them? (Further down on this page.) Don’t worry, we’re about to find out. This page is designed to help you figure out what you need.

In short, computer recording software translates between you and your audio. It lets you do stuff with it. It mixes it. It applies processing to the audio. The audio recording program will work between you (with the screen, keyboard, and mouse) and your audio recording interface. It takes the sound from your audio inputs and records it to hard disk.

Choosing computer recording software

There are many ways for music recording software to look, or design the user interface. Various programs aim for different functions. Some are designed for maximum midi integration. Others work well with loops or creating music through small samples that are repeated. When you look at the big players, they do it all.

In my opinion, if you are serious about recording, and want something that will serve you well, you will eventually go with a bigger computer recording software package. It’s not worth it to keep trying to limp along on something that limits your creativity and makes you spend time on non-musical things.

But because you must get started somewhere, here are my free recording software suggestions. My advice? Use them to get a feel for things, then move on to a demo of a better product.

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Song Director Press Release

Song Director Press Release

Public Contact:
Computer Physicians, LLC



LONGMONT, Colo, – April 4, 2016 – Song Director is a new music organizer and player offered as a free and easier-to-use alternative or complement to iTunes and Windows Media Player.  This new program provides more extensive organizing and search capabilities than either of those programs.

“Simplicity and ease-of-use has been the dominant goal during every phase of development and testing. I’ve seen too many people confused and frustrated with iTunes and WMP, and wanted to do something about it”, says the software author, who has been developing music software for the last 20 years.

Song Director automatically scans your computer for audio files and builds a searchable database of all your music. Once this database is built, you unleash the full power of a modern database system to search, play, and organize your music. Quickly build playlists, export to other devices, or sort and search your music in countless ways. Searches for songs or artists are quick by simply typing the first few letters of a song title or artist. You can then play that song or add to a playlist with one click.  Alternately, create advanced searches based on any criteria, going far beyond the search capabilities of iTunes and Windows Media Player.

Song Director by Computer Physicians, LLC is available by free download at: and runs on all modern versions of Windows from Windows XP to Windows 10.