New versions of Song Director for 2018

There have been some new versions of Song Director released in 2018.

To know which version you are using go the pull down help menu and choose “about”

To get the latest version, simply download Song Director again from the website and install it into the same location as before, just like the first time.  The setup program will not overwrite any of your existing data.   Here are the changes:

Version 1.11 (released 4/2/18). Added rich text to Memo notes on main screen, and fixed bugs which allowed quote and apostrophe into the Notes Title, which then blew up program when trying to access those notes again.

Version 1.10 (released 3/18/18). Made the test for file type “FLAC File” look only for “FLAC” so it picks up file types “FLAC Audio File” also.

When loading songs trims leading blank spaces from the SongName field.

Finds duplicates songs, deletes duplicates from database.

Added these 3 items to Edit menu:

Show All Songs with Duplicates
Show Duplicate Songs to Delete
Delete Duplicate Songs …

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